Computer Applications

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About the department

The department of Bachelor of Computer Applications has begun its journey from the year 2012, with the intake of 50 students. At present the department is having a total strength of 120 students.

Bachelor of Computer Applications is a course that is customized for students wishing to shine in the field of computers and information technology.BCA graduates can start up their career in either Government sector or private sector since there are a lot of employment opportunities in both these sectors.

The department aims to impart technical knowledge through innovative teaching, projects and consultancy. The department is successful in fulfilling the principle objective of creating technical, moral and entrepreneur leadership qualities in the minds of the students.

The department consistently giving well results and have produced competent graduates with professional ethics and life skills. Students join in the department of BCA at the college come from a various background. To enable them to familiarize with the course, orientation classes are conducted to make the students feel at ease with the content of the degree curriculum as well as to develop rapport with their peers and classmates. Since the most of the students are from poor background and first graduates, we guide them to develop interpersonal relationships as well as to improve their communication skills for a better work environment in the future. The department strives for strengthening the students to build a prosperous society.

Students are motivated to participate in friendly group activities, workshops, seminars, etc. Student-teacher relationship is cordial and friendly and the campus life is equally enthusiastic.