Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology

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About the department

The Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology (formerly Botany), established in the year 1967, is the one of the oldest Department in our College. At present, the faculty consists of one Assistant Professor with seven Guest Faculty members and two senior Laboratory Assistants. The academic condition of faculty is healthy and adequate. Most of the teaching faculty members are Doctrates. The faculty members are being encouraged to participate in both national and international conferences, symposium and seminars for updating their subject knowledge.

The revision of syllabus was done during 2017 for both UG and PG programmes. The Department blends the traditional subjects with modern disciplines namely, Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Herbal Botany, Entrepreneurial Botany, Nanotechnology, Remote Sensing, Biophysics and Bio-informatics. The department follows the co-education pattern and vigorously engages in teaching and co-curricular activities.

Students are selected for admission on the basis of their higher secondary marks with particular emphasis on their Biology performance. Student’s field trips are an integral part and mandatory for completion of the programme. Seminars are assigned to students. The Department has sufficient well equipped laboratories and good collection of herbarium specimens and books. LCD projector and overhead projectors are used for teaching and for student’s seminars.

In-Built Strength & Unique Advantages in the Curriculum

  • Well-designed course content and papers.
  • Soft Skills course is mandatory for both UG and PG students.
  • The General Elective courses are offered.
  • Students are being sent for two month internship at the end of the PG degree programme in various research institutes and Biotechnology companies.

Vision & Mission
  • Encourage and provide opportunities to students to take up higher studies in the field of plant science.
  • Students have lot of opportunities to their extra-curricular activities in Fine arts, Sports and organizing rallies and have bagged lot of trophies and medals.

Major Objectives of the Department
  • To provide the finest opportunities and environment for teaching, learning and research in various areas of plant sciences.
  • To promote sustainable human development by participation of all students in co-curricular & extra-curricular activities.
  • To give self-employment opportunities to the students through various areas of plant sciences.
  • To expose the students to various industries to learn the industrial applications of plant science.
  • To organize various extension activities for cultivation of democratic and moral values.
  • To transfer the knowledge and skills for fulfilment of changing needs/changing society.