Following is the list of different scholarships that are available for the eligible students of L N Government College under the aegis of Government of Tamilnadu. More details regarding eligibility criteria, amount of scholarship and related more information are available in the respective Government websites

  1. BC/MBC Welfare Scholarship

  1. Minority Welfare Scholarship

  1. SC/ST Welfare Scholarship

  1. University Endowment Scholarship for merit students

  1. Tamil medium Stipend

The Government is sanctioning to each student who studied in Tamil Medium classes in Government and Government Aided Colleges from the academic year 1971-72. This stipend is granted to all the students who study in Tamil Medium classes irrespective of community and parental income. The Government is awarding this as stipend in order to encourage the students studying in Tamil Medium classes and also to attract them more to join in Tamil Medium Classes.

  1. Uzhavar Scholarship

Children of Uzhavar's - who have registered (Parents) under this scheme (UG & PG students). [Students can apply to the Special Tahsildar of  their Taluk Tahsildar Office.
Further information can be obtained from A4 Section, College Office.

  • Around 740 students are provided with Tamil Medium scholarships for the academic year 2011-2012
  • In the academic year 2010-2011, 541 students have benefitted from BC/MBC scholarship of worth 5,05,855 INR
  • SC/ST scholarship for a tune of 25, 22, 441 INR has been disbursed to 796 students in the academic year 2010-2011