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We are glad to inform you that Approval has been accorded by NCC Directorate (TN, P & AN), Chennai -9 for raising a Senior Division/Senior Wing NCC Company(Army Wing) under the NCC Unit 13 (TN) Bn NCC Chennai with a strength of 52 Cadets from the training year 2020 – 2021 in our College.

The NCC is the Indian military cadet corps with its Headquarters at New Delhi. National Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organization, comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens. The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades. The officers and cadets have no liability for active military service once they complete their course but are given preference over normal candidates during selections based on the achievements in the corps.

  • To Develop Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure, and Ideals of Selfless Service amongst the Youth of the Country.
  • To Create a Human Resource of Organized, Trained and Motivated Youth, To Provide Leadership in all Walks of life and be Always Available for the Service of the Nation.
  • To Provide a Suitable Environment to Motivate the Youth to Take Up a Career in the Armed Forces


Students who are willing to join our College National Cadet Corps (NCC Army Infantry Wing) can apply through the Google Form Link given below.

Last date for receiving Applications: 30.09.2021

NCC Application Form for training year 2021 – 2022


Staff in Charge:P.Rajaguru Asst. Professor, Dept. of Mathematics