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Students Counselling

The student counselling cell of LNGC aims at helping students reach their highest academic and personal potential. This involves in helping with personal, learning and career concerns and promoting success and wellness among them. Keeping in mind the welfare of the students who come from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds, the Students Counselling Cell of LNGC strives for the betterment of their psychological wellbeing with the following objectives,


  • To identify the problem areas or difficulties of individuals, their potentialities and limitations
  • To help students develop their potentialities through a greater self understanding to enable them to take full advantage of the environmental resources
  • To help mitigate suffering, reach appropriate solutions, take responsible decisions, and enable students to become self-actualized individuals.


  • Identify students who require help
  • Conduct counseling sessions
  • Refer students to experts for guidance
  • Organize lectures/seminars/workshops by experts and professionals

This helps students to work constructively toward life/career planning and help them to anticipate, plan, and react constructively to developmental issues and transitions through integrate thinking, feeling, and behaviour into a congruent expression of the self. Students will be able to respond productively to stress and reduce its negative impact on their lives and they can develop effective interpersonal skills so that relationships with peers, family and others can have constructive potential. They can assess strengths and identify weaknesses so that they may develop self-awareness and develop more choices in their lives, with accompanying skills to make constructive decision.